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2011-16 Ford Super Duty ram air hood

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Fibertec Ram Air Hoods

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2011-16 Ford Super Duty ram air hood
Product updated on 2019-07-04, Fibertec Performance, APM:811512,  Fiberglass Fully Functional Hood when used on 6.2 gas engine trucks with 821270 air box. Functional for engine bay cooling only on diesel. AMP's ram air hoods are constructed of hand-laid fiberglass, using high quality "ISO resin"., 2011-16 Ford Super Duty ram air hoodAll hinge and latch mountings are reinforced with steel plates and bolt holes are pre-drilled, and tapped for easy installation of these superb ram air hoods to your 2011-16 Ford Super Duty. To install these ram air hoods, all you need to do is transfer your stock hardware onto it, and bolt it on to the factory hinges for final alignment. ISO resins are a higher quality, low shrink resin that allows the part to withstand more heat and prevent distortion making your ram air hood a stable addition to your 2011-16 Ford Super Duty for years to come.