You Pay Too Much Tax!!

So we're going to do something about it. From now until April 30th we're taking care of the GST for you

Put your income tax refund to good use by buying a Cowl Induction or Ram Air Hood

  1. GST will still be invoiced but we will discount the hood by 5% to compensate
  2. The discount is already included in the prices
  3. Does not include hoods marked as Clearance or other products
  4. Sale pricing does include special order hoods

Cowl Hoods in Canada

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Welcome to, your Canadian home to the best steel cowl induction hoods on the market. All product is shipped from Canada so you don't have to deal with brokerage, US$ Exchange or duty. You also won't have to try to figure out how to send a hood back across the border if it shows up damaged or not as you were expecting.

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